Meedley meedley mee.

Last week I wrote about music. It’s been on my mind ever since. So I’ve decided to start doing something about that. Today I’m going out to a guitar store, or several. Just to see what’s out there. It’s been a long time and I’m out of the loop.

Plus, I love guitar stores. I just love being there, surrounded by instruments and amps and racks of cables and strings. All of it. It’s my natural habitat. And noodling around with a bunch of different guitars is super fun for me.

Mostly, I’m looking forward to it as an exercise in listening. Not to the guitars, but to myself. I want to play a bunch of different guitars and see what I resonate with. I’m not planning to buy anything. I just want to listen.

It’ll be good practice for me. And it’ll be good to be pursuing something that I’m passionate about. I find that that kind of clarity is contagious. Once I learn how to hear the voice that says “yeah, this matches up with you”, it becomes easier to recognize it in other areas of my life.

That’s really all that I have to say right now. But I’m still checking in to mark what I hope is some forward progress on this path.


One thought on “Meedley meedley mee.

  1. Mandy

    Well, if/when browsing turns to buying, just remember you have a GC connection. He’s pretty resourceful. 🙂


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