On writing.

I’ve been working on song lyrics. Otherwise known as “poetry”, I guess, since I don’t have any music written yet. But “song lyrics” sounds cooler. And that’s the ultimate intent.

I had some ideas that I typed out and erased. I should probably just write them in a journal instead. Preferably on a desert island somewhere.

But then I suppose that if I were living on a desert island, I wouldn’t have much to write about.

That’s the irony of artistic expression. I’m just not inspired to write if nothing’s on my mind. And by “nothing” I mean nothing negative, or upsetting. If everything is fine, I’ll just go outside or otherwise live my life. It’s the dark moments that demand a voice.

But I don’t enjoy dark moments. Especially when they extend beyond “moments” and stretch on for months or years. I don’t want to have anything to write about. I’d rather just be happy, and not write anything.


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